Pinnacle Mountain Homes began when founder Chris Renner asked a simple question: “Why can’t the process of building a custom home be easier?”

While working as a technology consultant for a Summit County home builder, Renner—an accountant by training—noticed planning and production inefficiencies that got in the way of the company’s success. As it turns out, those inefficiencies were the industry standard.

Sensing an opportunity, Renner developed a new business model that streamlined the construction process by integrating technology, transparency, and better communication. In 2005, he tested that model with the launch of Pinnacle Mountain Homes.

To pin that success to technology alone would be telling just half the story, for Pinnacle Mountain Homes is a company driven by relationships—and a simple credo: “We’re not a company doing business together. We’re a family doing life together.” That means we’ll always be open and honest with you, and that we’ll work hard to get to know you—and build a home that works for the way you live.

It also means we’d like to partner with you for the long haul, which is why we’ve grown Pinnacle Mountain Homes into a family of companies designed to help with every stage of home-ownership, from construction and interior design to maintenance and vacation-rental management.

The work we do may be complicated, but our mission isn’t: Make it easier, make it personal, and make it fun.